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30 Jan 2023 Classification of Sectors 2023 handbook published

The Classification of Sectors 2023 has entered into force as from 1 January 2023. A handbook describing the Classification of Sectors 2023 has now been published as a free PDF version. 

25 Jan 2023 Paavo now also describes differences between areas as a time series

In which of Finland’s postal code areas has the population increased most? And decreased? This and much more information can be found in Statistics Finland’s free-of-charge Paavo service, which now also includes a time series. All Paavo statistical data have now been published with the latest classification of postal code areas starting from 2010. 

19 Jan 2023 Statistics Finland is known as a reliable producer of data

According to the business image survey made by Taloustutkimus, Statistics Finland is known by 84 per cent and its data are regarded as reliable by 83 per cent of Finns. Statistics Finland is the second best known of the examined central government organisations.

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