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31 Aug 2023 Price index of electricity corrected in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices; also has an effect on total inflation

Statistics Finland has corrected the sub-index of electricity included in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices in the preliminary data for August. The effect of the correction on the preliminary estimate of the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices is 0.70 percentage points of total inflation in August. According to preliminary data, without the adjustment, the year-on-year change in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices would have been 4.05 per cent, while with the adjustment the year-on-year change is 3.35 per cent.

21 Jul 2023 Figures of the building cost index for January to May 2023 were corrected

Statistics Finland found an error in the data of the building cost index, for which reason the time series was corrected retrospectively for the January to May period of 2023. The error occurred in the index calculation in connection with the change of the statistical reference year. The correction does not concern the indices for labour and services.

30 Jun 2023 Change in measurement method in the Consumer Price Index may cause correction to the electricity index series

Statistics Finland has detected a possible need for correction in the electricity sub-index of the Consumer Price Index due to a change in measurement method.

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