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Official Statistics of Finland

Prosecutions, sentences and punishments

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Twenty-four per cent more summary penal orders and fine orders were issued for traffic offences than in the year before
23 Sep 2021
According to Statistics Finlands data, 24 per cent more fine orders were issued by the police in 2020 than in the previous year for traffic offences referred to in Chapter 23 of the Criminal Code. Most of them concerned endangerment of traffic safety. Summary penal orders issued by the prosecutor for traffic offences increased by 27 per cent compared with 2019.

Description: These statistics contain data on the sentences issued and waived, and charges rejected by courts of first instance. In addition to the prosecutions at district courts and at courts of appeal acting as courts of first instance, the statistics also contain data on the summary penal fines imposed by the prosecutor and on petty fines imposed by the police, customs officials or frontier guard authorities. As a rule, a person is recorded in the statistics as many times as aforementioned decisions have been made about him or her. Another main mode of recording applied in these statistics is the so-called principal offence rule, according to which each defendant or convicted person is described by the most serious offence under the severest punishment decision category of the court.
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Keywords: accused, confinement, criminal matters, fine, foreigners, intoxicants, nationality, offences, punishments, recidivism, sentences.
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Change: Appendix tables in the publication have been replaced by PX-Web database tables
09 Dec 2009
The figures in the PX-Web tables differ slightly from the earlier ones in the appendix tables.

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