European Social Survey (ESS) in Finland

What is studied?

The Values and opinions in Finland -survey is part of a large international research project (ESS, European Social Survey) involving around 30 countries. The topics include people's personal well-being and perceptions of fairness in the society.
The survey is carried out to gain a comprehensive picture of changes occurring in society so that they can be understood better. The data measuring attitudes, values and opinions of people residing in Finland will be utilised for the purposes of scientific research as well as to support policy making. In addition, journalists and civil society actors will all have access to the results and data.
The survey is conducted in Finland in collaboration between Statistics Finland and the Department of Social Research at the University of Turku. Statistics Finland collects data for the survey.

When and how are the data collected?

Statistics Finland conducts the survey with face-to-face interviews in accordance with the ESS standards, during the fall of 2021. The random sample includes a total of 3,400 people residing in Finland aged 15 or above. Thus each individual survey respondent represents around 1,300 Finnish residents. Respondents' participation helps us to ensure that the survey represents the experiences and views of people living in Finland accurately.

Data protection

The interviews and data processing will be conducted under strict confidentiality and adhering to both national and EU data protection legislation. Individual survey responses will be processed in such a way that no individual respondent can be identified from the data made available for researchers.

How to participate?

The persons selected to the survey will first receive an advance letter, after which a Statistics Finland interviewer will contact them directly in order to make an appointment for an interview. The face-to-face interviews are however conducted only in Finnish or Swedish. Participation does not require any special knowledge or skills and there is no need to prepare for the interview in advance.

Further information

Statistics Finland:
Senior Statistician Henna Attila, tel. +358 29 551 3378,
Senior Statistician Johanna Koivula, tel. +358 29 551 3571,
Senior Statistician Juhani Saari, tel. +358 29 551 3537,

University of Turku:
Professor Heikki Ervasti, tel. +358 29 450 2158,

Internet pages

More information can be found from the websites of the ESS: (in Finnish)

Survey material

Advance letter (pdf, in Finnish)
Brochure (pdf, in Finnish)
Data protection brochure (pdf, in Finnish)