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Published: 12 November 2020

Energy use in manufacturing decreased by 2 per cent in 2019

According to Statistics Finland, energy use in manufacturing decreased by two per cent in 2019. Manufacturing consumed 520 petajoules (PJ) of energy, which was on level with two years earlier. The total use of electricity in manufacturing decreased by four per cent.

Energy use in manufacturing

Energy use in manufacturing

The economic and political insecurity on the global markets was visible in the production figures of Finland's export-driven basic industries in 2019. The slowdown of the economic growth in Finland's most important export countries, the upcoming Brexit, the trade conflict between the United States and China, the United States’ steel tariffs and so on increased uncertainty on the markets and weakened the demand for exports in basic industries. The fall in output, especially in energy-intensive industries, was also reflected in the volume of energy consumed in manufacturing. Especially in the manufacture of basic metals, but also in the forest and chemical industries, a decrease was seen both in the volumes of output and in the energy used.

The structural shift from fossil fuels towards renewable fuels, which has been visible already for a long time in used fuels, still continued. Consumption of fossil fuels and peat dropped by around five per cent from one year ago. Only the use of natural gas increased, merely as a result of increased use of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Fossil fuels and peat accounted for 26 per cent of fuels used by manufacturing in 2019. One year earlier, the figure was 27 per cent, ten years earlier 35 per cent. Correspondingly, the share of wood fuels in energy sources used by manufacturing has grown from 28 to 41 per cent in ten years.

Changes in the distribution of energy use both by industry and geographically are very moderate on the annual level. Fifty per cent of the energy consumed in all manufacturing is used in four regions: South Karelia, Uusimaa, Lapland and North Ostrobothnia. In all, 34 per cent of total electricity is used in Lapland, South Karelia and Uusimaa. Examined by industry, over 80 per cent of total electricity is consumed in the forest, metal and chemical industries.

Source: Energy use in manufacturing, Statistics Finland

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