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Finnish affiliates abroad

Producer: Statistics Finland

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Finnish enterprises' turnover abroad over EUR 200 billion in 2019
29 Apr 2021
According to Statistics Finland's data, Finnish enterprises had business activity in 5,390 affiliates located in 135 countries in 2019. Compared with the previous year, the activity of Finnish enterprises abroad increased when viewed with several indicators. The number of personnel rose by two per cent. Turnover and investments went up by over ten per cent. Most of the turnover was generated by enterprises in the EU area. Of individual countries, most turnover was generated in Sweden, as much as one-fifth of total turnover.

Description: The statistics describe the global location of Finnish enterprises’ activities and the significance of these activities abroad. The statistics produce data which enable an assessment of the level of globalisation of Finland's economy, the effect of the European Union’s internal market on Finnish business activities and the global competitiveness of Finnish-owned enterprises. The statistics are based on Regulation (EC) No 716/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council.
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Keywords: affiliates, business enterprises, enterprise groups, globalisation, investments, personnel, turnover.
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Change: Change in the Official Statistics of Finland
25 May 2009
On 25 May 2009, the Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland accepted the statistics " Finnish affiliates abroad " into Official Statistics of Finland under the topic of Enterprises.

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