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Official Statistics of Finland

Causes of death

Producer: Statistics Finland

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No major changes in causes of death compared to the previous year
10 Dec 2021
According to Statistics Finland's statistics on causes of death, diseases of the circulatory system, neoplasms and memory diseases still caused the highest number of deaths in 2020. Three-quarters of the deceased, over 42,000 persons, died of these diseases. Nearly 4,700 Finns died of suicides, accidents and alcohol-related causes of death, which was slightly fewer than in the year before. The coronavirus disease caused the death of 558 persons, one in hundred deaths.

Description: Statistics Finland annually produces statistics on causes of death and the development of mortality. Statistics Finland also maintains death certificate archives from where death certificate data or copies of death certificates are released for purposes defined by law. The archives contain Finnish residents' death certificates from 1936 onwards. The death certificates from 1936 to 1965 are located in the National Archive and newer certificates are archived at Statistics Finland.
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Keywords: alcohol mortality, infant mortality, suicides, causes of death, death certificates, mortality, child mortality, fatal traffic accidents, neonatal mortality, perinatal mortality, drug-related deaths, autopsy, accident mortality, mortality from diseases, mortality from violence, maternal mortality.
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Change: StatFin time series tables of statistics on causes of death
26 Oct 2006
As of 31 October 2006, the StatFin time series tables of the statistics on causes of death will be in PX-Web format.

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