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Concepts and definitions


Book is a non-periodical printed publication that is available to the public. There is no page limit, but publications having 4-48 pages form a group of their own, ephemera. In addition to books distributed commercially, also studies, reports and other publications by authorities, municipalities, clubs, associations, educational establishments etc. are considered books. Material for temporary use, such as commercial prints, brochures, price lists, annual reports and programmes are not books.

Domestic film

Statistics compiled on domestic films include films made as wholly Finnish productions, as well as international co-productions having a Finnish majority producer. International co-productions having a foreign majority producer and a Finnish minority producer are not considered domestic films.

National television channel

A national television channel is a channel the modes of transmission (over-the-air, cable, satellite) of which have a combined coverage area that reaches at least 70 percent of the population.


Statistics compiled on newspapers include papers which are published 1 to 7 times a week and which contain national or local news material. Newspapers are divided into daily newspapers, which are published 4 to 7 times a week, and other newspapers, which are published 1 to 3 times a week.


A periodical is a magazine published regularly, at least four times a year, which contains articles dealing with either the general or a specific sphere of life. Periodicals also include those journals in the form of newspapers which do not fulfil the criteria for a newspaper with regard to their content or frequency, e.g. trade union magazines.

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