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Statistics on households’ assets describe total amount, structure and distribution of wealth among different population groups. Data are published at household and person levels. Household-level data are published around every three years and person-level data about once a year.


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Approximately 1.7 million persons owned mutual funds or shares listed in Finland in 2020. Around 31 per cent of the dwelling population were owners. The number of owners grew by 107,600 from the year before, while in 2014 to 2019 the number of owners grew by an average of 42,400 persons per year. T…

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Number of persons owning listed shares, mutual funds or both

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2009Listed shares and mutual funds1,242,289
Mutual funds828,542
Listed shares654,645
2013Listed shares and mutual funds1,339,382
Mutual funds916,005
Listed shares688,587
2014Listed shares and mutual funds1,381,347
Mutual funds984,216
Listed shares667,620
2015Listed shares and mutual funds1,438,899
Mutual funds1,063,127
Listed shares661,644
2016Listed shares and mutual funds1,476,942
Mutual funds1,107,063
Listed shares665,015
2017Listed shares and mutual funds1,512,297
Mutual funds1,145,549
Listed shares677,777
2018Listed shares and mutual funds1,543,014
Mutual funds1,193,356
Listed shares672,290
2019Listed shares and mutual funds1,593,607
Mutual funds1,254,690
Listed shares683,871
2020Listed shares and mutual funds1,701,211
Mutual funds1,337,243
Listed shares770,570

Average net wealth (= assets – liabilities) according to the age of the household's reference person in, median

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