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Statistics on indebtedness describe debts of private persons and household-dwelling units. The statistics describe indebtedness by gender, age, family type and various regional levels. The data are based on the data of the Tax Administration and the total statistics on income distribution and published once a year.


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According to Statistics Finland, the indebtedness ratio of indebted household-dwelling units was 175 per cent at the end of 2021. The indebtedness ratio of household-dwelling units with housing loans was 225 per cent. Household-dwelling units with loans charged on business activities or a source of income had 265 per cent debt relative to their income. The indebtedness ratio of household-dwelling units with other debts was 174 per cent.

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Average housing loans of household-dwelling units with housing loans, time series

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Capital district73,84882,86292,926102,769111,268117,946120,271125,008129,082130,234132,056132,563133,629137,397140,920144,558147,168152,199160,739167,621
Other Helsinki-Uusimaa67,95975,39184,54294,619103,839111,370113,983117,294119,872120,061119,828118,815117,122117,856118,164118,271117,210117,043119,613121,047
Southern Finland53,21058,15664,06571,27277,76983,46185,71488,39490,46691,01190,73889,97589,10389,88790,05689,65788,93588,73790,43990,708
Western Finland52,65857,35763,07969,83875,96681,38283,82287,03689,58690,60491,11891,11990,92792,34093,17293,41693,30593,73795,98596,703
Northern and Eastern Finland49,13453,44658,70465,18970,94575,82777,41880,43282,63883,52083,98883,99083,60784,55085,02884,80684,08083,73185,55285,674

Average debts of household-dwelling units with debts by region, time series


Average debts of household-dwelling units with debts by type of debt and region

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