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Statistics on offences and coercive measures

Official Statistics of Finland (OSF)
The statistics on offences and coercive measures describe offences by area and the coercive measures used by the police, customs and border guard. The data derive from the Ministry of Interior's police information system. The data are published four times and once a year.


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According to Statistics Finland's preliminary data, a total of 473,100 offences against the Criminal Code were recorded by the police, customs and border guard in 2022. This is two per  ent fewer than one year earlier. The number of robbery offences increased by 23.3 per cent. Good 2,300 of them were recorded.

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Property reported as stolen in theft offences

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uspects by the sex of the victim


Offences known to the authorities (number) ICCS classification


Offences known to the authorities according to the municipality of offence


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Offences recorded and their solving

Offences known to the authorities (number)Solved offences total (number)
Offences and infractions total861,921873,415818,528686,045501,398644,493694,702648,316507,769324,107
1 Offences against penal code438,373443,525452,771543,429482,593272,894273,636274,990313,438306,619
11 Offences against property210,773206,961216,007256,468223,64380,49778,81383,26989,45586,697
1101 Total of thefts 28:1-3125,431122,741126,906139,121127,79141,47240,25142,46248,18643,153
1101a1 Thefts, through unlawful breaking into a residence or summer house etc4,7704,9224,5344,7223,8961,2431,1081,0601,2661,043
1101a5 Thefts, shoplifting44,90745,62047,72052,45352,31930,50630,14032,45835,85132,361
1109 Robbery 31:1-2 total1,6401,7011,8091,9961,8939138989821,1071,047
1116 Fraud, petty fraud 36:1,321,95122,79126,59932,01934,46215,50115,91918,21818,07721,503
1118 Means of payment fraud, petty means of payment fraud, preparation thereof 37:8,10,116,4335,8996,0827,1776,1031,2171,2231,1891,2401,137
12 B Crimes against life and health35,74436,07436,22735,91236,52523,51923,00523,02824,21824,171
1201 Offences against life total 21:1-3,34a:1738572868359587373157
12012 Attempted manslaughter, murder or killing 21:1-3,34a:1348355329383374348297283362316
1204 Assault offences, total 21:5-7,34a:1§1/633,53533,63933,84933,28534,12321,71521,33821,34122,27322,216
12042 Aggravated assault 21:6,34a:1§1/61,5811,6091,5841,7541,6631,2701,2411,2361,4451,315
13 Sexual crimes3,2693,7794,3054,3925,3762,1582,0092,5562,7613,137
1301 Sexual abuse of a child, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, aggravated rape of a child 20:6-7, 7b1,1681,3731,7091,7702,0897407171,0009771,260
1302 Rape, aggravated rape, rape (3 mom) 20:1-21,2451,3931,4771,4501,8518887611,0041,2081,164
15 Traffic offences110,292116,411110,660132,434134,442104,750110,449104,856127,376130,411
1501 Endangerment of traffic safety, hit-and-run 23:1,1165,20467,65161,98875,66284,63861,17063,84158,42972,27181,036
1502 Aggravated endangerment of traffic safety 23:23,8084,0474,3346,0725,4383,5553,6033,8345,5355,177
1503 Drunken driving 23:3-4 total17,68519,00618,49820,21617,37017,21718,29317,70419,58117,292
1503a1 Drunken driving total, under the influence of alcohol11,03411,25410,3479,5108,83510,83411,03710,1309,3818,585
1503a2 Drunken driving total, under the influence of other intoxicant5,7446,7497,0069,2487,3385,4926,3386,5548,8037,524
16 Other offences against the Penal Code65,94067,81872,857101,15669,86852,03849,43550,68559,08851,270
1601 Violation of privacy, peace and honour 24;34a10,30010,08110,30831,78412,3694,4754,0524,1614,2174,577
1609 Environmental offences 48, 34a465518464526411160222182185199
1612 Offences involving narcotics 50:1-4 total27,77729,14032,30737,07728,21223,89926,08026,30034,13727,449
16125 Unlawful use of narcotics 50:2a17,06919,28421,07423,78519,29515,70017,73518,38822,37018,626

Municipal parking supervision


Offences recorded according to the wellbeing services county

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