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Statistics Finland increases the volume of free of charge data

Statistics Finland has renewed and extended its free of charge statistics database StatFin. At the same time the volume of data available English has been increased. The StatFin statistics database contains 120 tables in English. The data content will be extended further during 2008.

To facilitate data searches, the data included in the StatFin database have been grouped by topic. An improved search function is introduced as a new feature. Searches can now be performed from the database both with the database's own search engine and the general search engine on the pages.

The StatFin database is linked to the home pages of the 200 Statistics Finland statistics in the Statistics section of the service. The database tables related to individual statistics can be found from the home pages of those statistics. The metadata necessary to interpret the database tables, such as descriptions of statistics and concepts and definitions, have been linked to tables from the home page of the statistics.

Similarly to the other Statistics Finland databases, the StatFin database has been realised with PX-Web technology, which allows easy further processing of data in various formats such as Excel files.

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