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Summary data about energy

A total of 1,492 petajoules of energy were consumed in Finland in 2006, whereas in 1970 the respective amount was 720 petajoules. Over the same time period, carbon dioxide emission from the use of fuels has grown from 40 million tonnes to 64 million tonnes. Statistics Finland's new publication Energy Statistics - Yearbook 2007 presents latest statistical data describing development in the energy sector in Finland.

Energy Statisticsis an annual publication presenting essential statistical data on the energy sector starting from 1970. The publication contains collected information on the generation and consumption of energy and emissions to air caused by them. It also includes information on imports and exports of energy products, energy prices and taxes and its public financing. In addition to statistical data concerning Finland, the publication presents comparative international data from other EU and OECD Member States. The publication is in Finnish and English.

The Energy Statistics publication is accompanied by the EnergyCD containing the data of the publication as Excel tables, and additional information supplementing the content of the publication as graphs, time series and text in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English.

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